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Our AI-Driven Mission:

Welcome to, your gateway to an unforgettable hotel experience powered by AI. In 2021, two visionary Dutch entrepreneurs, Joris Blauwwoud and Karel de Kneder, embarked on a journey that will forever change the way you travel. is born out of their shared passion for travel and technology, with a mission to make travel smarter and more engaging for people around the world.

Our AI Revolution:

At, we believe in the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to transform the travel industry. From the very beginning, we have deployed AI systems to optimize hotel offerings and generate realistic hotel reviews. Thanks to this innovative approach, we can assist you in finding the perfect accommodation that precisely meets your needs.

Connecting Through Social Media:

Our journey truly accelerated when we dedicated ourselves to using AI to reach potential customers through social media. By deploying a specially developed AI system for targeted marketing on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, we reached a global audience that embraced us.

Our Team:

At, its all about collaboration and dedication. Our headquarters are located in bustling Groningen, Netherlands, where a team of 20 talented sales and reservation specialists work daily to fulfill your travel wishes. Our dedicated IT department, consisting of 31 full-time programmers, operates from Bulgaria and ensures that our technology always stays ahead.

Global Impact:

Today, we welcome travelers from more than 60 countries and take pride in having processed over 2.6 million reservations. We aim to make travel accessible to people from all around the world, and we do so with a unique commitment to quality and value.

Direct Booking via Hotel's Own Website:

At, we're committed to enhancing your travel experience. That's why we now provide direct links to each hotel's own website for your booking convenience. We believe in empowering you to make informed choices, ensuring your journey begins on the right note. Enjoy seamless booking and start your adventure with us

Join and experience a journey you will never forget, from the moment of booking to the moment you return home. Welcome to, where travel becomes an adventure you will cherish forever.